Top 25 cities for feline veterinary care and more

September 23, 2019

Cat-friendly housing options, availability of feline-specific veterinary hospitals and shelters, and the prevalence of environmental hazards helped Redfin and Trupanion pick the nations most meowjestic locales for feline living.

PetarPaunchev/stock.adobe.comWe've covered a few ways that homes can be more cat-friendly, but what if we all think a little bigger?

That's what real-estate-technology company Redfin and pet insurance carrier Trupanion did recently when they announced the 25 most feline-friendly cities of 2019.

To determine the ranking, which looked at 250 cities nationwide, Trupanion analyzed data to find out availability of cat-specific services-such as clinics, shelters and hospitals-as well as environmental and toxic hazards (like sago palms). Redfin calculated the percentage of homes for sale with cat-friendly features such as high ceilings for room to climb, an extra bathroom for storing litter boxes, and patios for those who'd like to create safe outdoor spaces for their cat.

Here's the list, in order, considering all the criteria and also the percentage of homes for sale in the city with cat-friendly housing features.

1. Corvallis, Oregon

2. Spokane, Washington

3. Orlando, Florida

4. Bellingham, Washington

4. Tulsa, Oklahoma

6. Raleigh, North Carolina

7. New York, New York

8. Dayton, Ohio

9. Clarksville, Tennessee

10. San Antonio, Texas

11. Albuquerque, New Mexico

12. Eugene, Oregon

13. Boston, Massachusetts

14. Allentown, Pennsylvania

15. Dover, Delaware

16. Columbus, Ohio

17. Boise, Idaho

18. Louisville, Kentucky

19. Tacoma, Washington

20. Lincoln, Nebraska

21. Portland, Oregon

22. Minneapolis, Minnesota

23. Knoxville, Tennessee

24. Santa Rosa, California

25. Oakland, California