The top 10 funnies of 2017


Need a laugh? We scoured the fun center to bring you the top cartoons and articles of this year.

No. 10: Rate my job: A veterinary pie chart

It's that time of year for parties and get-togethers. Which means small talk. Which means you get asked by everyone and their dog (not really, but you do wish there were dogs there) how fun it is to play with puppies all day. Take a deep breath and block out those war flashbacks of that anal gland expression gone wrong. We know how you feel.


No. 9: The perfect veterinary exam: A dvm360 diagram

It's 5 p.m., you've perfectly diagnosed every patient, the always-satisfied client happily paid what they owed and no one-pet or person-was harmed in the process. You're just about to lock up the clinic and head home to relax for the rest of the night.


Of course, the perfect veterinary examis possible … you just have to jump a few hoops (did we mention the hoops are on fire, held over a pool full of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads?) to get there. And who said the veterinary profession isn't exciting?


No. 8: A cat's trip to the vet

Have you ever stopped to wonder what your feline patient's experience wasbefore he was placed on that cold exam room table? It probably went a little something like this. Explaining to your veterinary clients how to properly transport their fearful furry friend to the V-E-T can help ease the pain of this process.

Did this get you thinking? If you've been dancing around the thought of getting Fear Free certified, we've got you.


No. 7: Veterinary resolutions: A dvm360 pie chart

With the New Year ringing in, it's time to think about resolutions. Non-veterinary folk have the typical determinations, but not you, dear veterinary professional. Yours are resolutions only fellow veterinary professionals will understand. New year, new you, right?


No. 6: Civility codes, explained

How civil is your veterinary team? How well do each of you understand each other? If you're lacking in either of these departments, it's probably high-time you tell those team members of yours how much they mean to you … before it's too late.


No. 5: Your veterinary clinic cat goes on strike

We all know the clinic cat can get a bit … dramatic. We're talking Phantom of the Veterinary Clinic dramatic. Take a look at what happens when CC the Clinic Cat gets scolded for getting in the inventory's food bags and decides to quit her day job. It's good for a laugh and, hey, maybe it'll help you appreciate your clinic cat just that much more.


No. 4: Little Booty Ham Sandwich and more wacky pet names of 2017

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” says Obi-Wan Catnobi to the cucumber that just scared the wits out of him. Check out the merry monikers that pet owners gave their fur babies, and the stories behind each witty and whimsical name entered in Nationwide's annual wackiest dog and cat name contest.


No. 3: The anatomy of a veterinary nurse

Contrary to popular medical knowledge, the genetic makeup of a veterinary nurse is slightly different from that of any ordinary human. For instance, their knees are made stronger to crouch under surgical drapes to check and adjust blood pressure cuffs, Doppler crystals, IVs, CRI pumps and more. Their nose and stomach? Stronger still. See what else sets them apart from the rest with this educational chart.


No. 2: Your veterinary clinic cat takes an assistant

What does it take to become your clinic cat's new personal assistant? Patience, tummy rubs and a lot of food. CC the Clinic Cat is up to her usual responsibilities before she smells fresh meat-no, not Tiffany the tech's paleo lunch; the new hire. And that gives CC the idea that she's in need of a new assistant.


No. 1: Horoscope: Your week in the veterinary world

What's your sign? We've decided it's time to predict your near-future in the veterinary world, with some zodiac doodles to boot. Your week will have ups, downs and problems that you can (and will) certainly handle like a boss. Take a look to see what's in store for you, and keep in mind that we're definitely not professional star-gazers. 

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