Tools and tricks to diagnose and manage a pruritic dog - Online Course


Date: February 27 - February 27, 2017


This practice-oriented course will offer a series audiovisual lessons. Between the lessons I will be available in interactive session, where learning is further optimized through questions/answers, case discussions, quizzes, etc. ACERCA DEL CURSOThis course seeks to provide the practitioner with a very practical, clinically oriented, detailed approach on how to work up a dermatological patient: in this case, a patient with pruritus. Pruritus is one of the most common pet owner complaints. Unfortunately, pruritus is a very non-specific clinical sign and requires a thorough work-up to rule out various diseases. The course will provide detailed instructions on how to use various diagnostic tests, accompanied by numerous images and video clips. The course is intended to provide practitioners with up-to-date information and to enhance their ability to work up and manage dermatological patients more successfully.Week 1: Diagnostic tools in veterinary dermatologyWeek 2: How to rule out and treat ectoparasitesWeek 3: The most common microbial infectionsWeek 4: Atopy vs. food allergiesWeek 5: Successful management of an allergic patientWeek 6: Case studies (I): Examination, Diagnosis, and TreatmentWeek 7: Case studies (II): Examination, Diagnosis, and TreatmentWeek 8: Case studies (III): Examination, Diagnosis, and TreatmentRACEProgram Number: 17824. Provider Number: 706. C. E. Hours. Vet: 24.00 h.

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