Tip: Involve the whole veterinary team in your next otitis diagnosis


Successful management of otitis is a team effort, says veterinary dermatologist Dr. Darin Dell. Here’s how to make it happen.

technician examining dog's ears

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When it comes to an otitis diagnosis, Darin Dell, DVM, DACVD, from the Animal Dermatology Clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana, recommends involving the entire staff.

“Receptionists start the process by observing the dog in the waiting area,” Dr. Dell says. “Then, technicians note behaviors when moving the patient to an exam room, and the veterinarian must watch with a keen eye to pick up on subtle movements and actions in the exam room.”

Any clinical signs noted, such as the patient rubbing its head against a chair in the waiting room, give the veterinarian clues for asking the client more specific diagnostic questions.

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