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Digital communication can improve patient outcomes, provide a great client experience, and streamline communication between clients and veterinary teams

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When pets who need post visit care—such as bandage changing, movement exercises, etc.—leave the clinic, teams prepare clients with all they need to know for their pet. However, after sending them on their way with verbal or written instructions, how much are they retaining, or are those written instructions even making it out of the car?

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, Sarah Machell, BSc, DVM, Jill Clark, DVM, and Alex Ehrich, explain what PetPath is, and how it is helping providing 'white glove service' to clients and veterinary teams through a digital care companion.

Below is a partial transcript.

Alex Ehrich: This is not even a totally new, novel type of technology. What we've done is we've taken the learnings from the tools that exist in the human space that have been extremely successful. They're receiving FDA approval to be used with medical devices, and the outcomes are just so powerful that we're taking what is doing extremely well in the human space and bring it to vet med, where it's so necessary. Especially for you think of that client that comes in and they're stressed out, they're trying to figure out what's happening with their pet, and your team is doing all the things to make sure that they feel equipped and empowered for when they go home. But that the reality is, they're only going to absorb about 20% when they're in that state of stress.

So we're just extending the care of that team into the home through what we would say is a digital care companion, essentially a teammate that is going to be in the palm of an owner's hands guiding them through what are these really stressful times that, again, is going to put people kind of their worst place. We want to help again just smooth that process out and make it that they have this incredible experience and feel this really white glove support from the vets and the care teams that are providing the care to their their loved ones.

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