The growing appeal of relief medicine


Why is veterinary relief work becoming so popular?

In an interview with dvm360 at the Fetch Nashville Conference, Andrew M. Findlaytor, DVM, senior director of veterinary strategy and services for Roo Vets, explains more about himself, what Roo Vets does for the relief veterinarians, and why he believes veterinary professionals shifting to relief work has become so popular over the past 10 years.

Below is a partial transcript of the video.

Andrew M. Findlaytor, DVM: Over the last 10 years we've seen quite a bit of growth in the relief world. We've actually seen the number of relief veterinarians double even over the past 5 years. We really feel like relief is getting so popular because it provides veterinarians flexibility to pick where and when they want to work. It provides veterinarians autonomy... Likewise, it gives them access to better pay, flexible schedules, and the ability to really grow and develop their personal skills.

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