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Partnership produces new veterinary support line for parasitology concerns

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Updated at 3:00 EST March 7, 2024.

Through a partnership with PetIQ and NextStar, comes a new online veterinary support line for parasite prevention. PetIQ, a pet medication and wellness company, and NextStar, a fast-acting 30-day topical protection that kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chewing lice, flea eggs, larvae, and prevents the development of flea pupae, are aiming to educate pet owners about flea and tick prevention ahead of the seasonal increase in infestations.1

PetIQ and NextStar also want to encourage veterinary professionals and pet owners to check their state’s flea and tick season.1 Most states start in March and go until December, however many of the southern and west coast states have flea and ticks year-round.2

PetIQ and NextStar are offering a new telehealth support line for pet owners has been established. This service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, powered by specialists to address parasite-related concerns, questions, and prevention/infestation education for NextStar customers (with proof of purchase).1

The new parasite program is available in North America and is staffed with licensed veterinarians with an average of 20 years of hands-on small animal practice and experienced veterinary technicians.

“Every moment we share with our pets deserves protecting, especially against fleas and ticks, which can pose a dangerous threat to pets by carrying diseases or causing serious skin reactions,” said John Pearson, PetIQ’s executive vice president, services and manufactured products, in a release. “NextStar preserves those special moments with our pets with its fast-acting formula that can be applied monthly for year-round protecting, helping pet parents feel more at ease knowing that their pet is pest-free, healthy, and happy.”1

There are more than 200 flea species that can impact dogs, potentially transmitting diseases and leading to tapeworm infections and anemia. Certain dogs, being highly sensitive to flea bites, may experience severe allergic reactions, resulting in itchy, red, scabby skin, and even hair loss.2 Additionally, specific tick species, such as those responsible for Lyme disease, can remain active during the fall and winter seasons, so it’s important to remind clients about routine parasite prevention.

NextStar has an informational video available on YouTube for pet parents seeking more guidance on flea and tick prevention. Veterinary technician, Traci McIntyre, helps answer some frequently asked questions.


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