Techs: Find your spirit animal


Are you a pus-loving lemur, or a psychic skunk? True veterinary tech spirit animal enlightenment awaits!

(All photos from's about a 90 percent chance you've already taken a spirit animal quiz. Forget the results and click through the animals on the following pages to discover your true tech spirit animal (and perhaps the spirit animals of your fellow team members).



We hope you're at least up-to-date on your vaccinations.You let all creatures great and small (and slobbery) lick you on the mouth. You have no personal bubble (or fear of germs).


You bristle when hear the word "decaf."You're physically unable to hold a conversation without holding a coffee cup.


You can smell needs from a mile away.You know what your team members need before they ask … without being creepy.


This is what your face looks like when you learn you missed out on some dynamite drainage.You get pouty when an abscess is lanced in your absence.


Pinning is winning.You scroll Pinterest like it's your second job and have a hack or recipe to fit every need.


This is what your face looks like when the office files aren't all facing the same direction.Your ducks? Always in a row. You probably organize your closet by color and have your DVDs in alphabetical order.


Umm ... yeah. We see you hiding in the break room.You don your cloak of invisibility when it's time to express anal glands.


You could at least be a hare that shares. You are constantly nibbling on the snacks stuffed in your pockets and would never miss second breakfast or elevenses.


Your speciality? HosPETality, of course!You dim the lights, plump the bedding, coax eating, massage pets, shush loud conversations and entertain boarders. Wait … I think we're describing every single tech.


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