Teach pet owners to build doggy diaper bags


When new pet owners are on-the-go with their precious pup, a doggy diaper bag can offer the securities of home during critical socialization activities and during travel times.


Whats in a doggy diaper bag?

The essentials:


 Higher value treats, such as Pupperoni, Beggin Strips, stinky liver treats

 Highest level treats for stressful situations, such as tidbits of roasted chicken or turkey breast

 Extra collar and leash

 Water and water dish


 Peanut butter (xylitol-free only)



 Chew bone, such as a Nylabone

 Change of bedding


The mats handy to teach a settle behavior. So pet owners can pull the mat out and it serves as a stop signpets know to run to it and lie down.

Consider recommending pet owners keep a couple sets of their doggy diaper bag supplies and keep them by the door. Then theyre always ready to grab the bag and go.

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