Take a deep breath at Fetch dvm360 conference

June 13, 2018

Torry Chamberlayne, RVT brings yoga to the veterinary CE conference experience.

CE is serious business, and at Fetch dvm360 conference, we're dedicated to providing you top-notch CE. But while you're nurturing your mind, we also want to help you nurture your body. Torry Chamberlayne, field director for Banfield Pet Hospital and yoga instructor, plans to do just that by leading yoga and meditation at our conferences.

With 20 years in the veterinary industry under her belt, veterinary medicine is Chamberlayne's first passion. But when compassion fatigue began to set in, she knew she needed to find a healthy outlet for her workplace stress.

“I started doing yoga to create a space outside of work that was just for me,” she says, “and I found that yoga also helped me deal with the stresses of work more effectively.”

Now, Chamberlayne frequently leads an hour-long practice in the park for her veterinary staff, teaching them how to control their breathing and focus on the present moment.

At Fetch dvm360 conference, she plans to take a similar approach. “My yoga sessions will be focused on waking the body up, especially the core, and developing strength from within. We will focus on breathing and becoming aware of our surroundings. All levels are definitely welcome,” she says.

We hope that you'll join one of Chamberlayne's sessions and return to your practice refreshed, reenergized and ready to take on new challenges.

To learn more about the wellness sessions at the Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City, check out the online session guide.

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