Survey details how veterinary clients research healthcare decisions


Almost 75 percent of respondents research financing and other cost issues, according to CareCredit study.

A recently released study from CareCredit examines consumers' process of researching healthcare decisions.

CareCredit, a third-party provider of healthcare financing, looked at the way consumers make decisions in six areas: veterinary medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, optometry, cosmetic procedures and hearing health, according to a company release. The survey polled approximately 2,000 consumers who made elective healthcare purchase in the past 12 months and those likely to make one within the next year.

The survey found that, on average, consumers spend 76 days researching an elective procedure. They look at necessity, cost, insurance benefits, out-of-pocket expenses and perceived risk. Seventy percent of consumers research the procedure itself, while 73 percent research financing and other cost issues. They seek information on the Internet, visit the provider and talk with friends and family.

Among CareCredit cardholders, 90 percent responded that financing prepares them for unplanned health costs they may face, 47 percent would not have made the purchase without financing (or they would have found another provider who offered it) and 75 percent would use their CareCredit card again in the future.


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