Stay active at work to help prevent cancer


Workers who remain on their feet during the day are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer, a new study shows.

Your feet may ache after a busy day running around in your veterinary hospital, but here's some good news about not having a desk job: You may have a lower cancer risk than those less active workers.

A recent news release from the American Institute for Cancer research (AICR) stated that 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer occurring annually in the United States were the direct result of a lack of physical activity. Furthermore, sedentary working conditions increased cancer risks independent of physical activity outside of work, the AICR says. These findings prompted the group to recommend that employees remain active and upright as much as possible during their workdays.

So the next time your legs are aching and you're ready to sit down and take a load off, take comfort in the fact that your hard work might be preventing a serious illness down the road.

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