Square footage: How low can you go in a veterinary hospital?

July 18, 2018
Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA

Vicki Pollard is a certified veterinary technician and veterinary architect at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado. She also speaks at the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference.

Veterinary architect says look to mobile clinics when considering minimum space requirements.

In the era of the tiny house it's tempting to wonder just how much you can reduce the footprint of a veterinary clinic. HospitalDesign360 speaker Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA, says there's a limit to functionality below a certain point. For that threshold she looks to mobile veterinary clinics.

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"The size of that truck is as absolutely small as you can go in a physical clinic," she says.

How small is that? Pollard says a truck might be 30 feet by 10 feet.

Can you survive and function inside 300 square feet?

Watch the video to hear more.

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