Sports Horse Medicine & Orthopedics - A 2-Day Practical Course


Date: September 06 - September 07, 2019


Equine practitioners working with sports horses are under considerable pressure to keep the horses under their care competing at the highest level at all times. Furthermore, evaluating poorly performing competition horses can be a daunting task because the clinical signs caused by different conditions may be very similar, leaving vets wondering where to start their investigation. The world-renowned speakers will provide a broad overview on the most important topics in sports horse medicine and orthopedics and will cover the following subjects through highly-illustrated and interactive presentations and by sharing many practical tips and tricks with the attendees: Latest Developments in Orthopedic Therapies Polyacrylamide, Pro-stride, Resveratrol, MsC, PrP, IRAP etc.) A Novel Perspective on Overground Endoscopy Applications for Objective Lameness Evaluation in Sports Horses New Ways of using Hematology & Biochemistry in Sports Horses Lameness Examination When things get complicated; Reliability/Repeatability of Blocks, Multiple Site/Limb Lameness Which Heart Murmurs are relevant in Sports Horses Practical Equine Rehabilitation A review of Available Modalities Exercise Testing Identifying Subclinical Problems in Sports Horses Contentious Issues in Sports Horse Pre-Purchase Examination Feeding the Competitive AthleteIn the afternoons, 7 hours of practical sessions will allow attendees to further their practical skills on live horses in small-groups (2-4 vets per ultrasound). Each attendee will rotate through the following practical sessions supervised by the specialists: Distal Limb Ultrasound Attendees to choose area to examine; Objective lameness evaluation as part of the lameness work-up and during pre-purchase exam; Upper Respiratory Endoscopy & Overground Case Discussions; Exercise testing ECG, lactate measurements etc.; Ultrasound of the Stifle Region or Palpation & Radiographic Techniques Neck, Back & Pelvis.

Event type: Course

Event Address: Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital

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For More Information:Robin Johnson,VetPD

Lake Mary ,FL ,USA


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