Spinning, Sucking and Snapping - The many faces of obsessive compulsive disorder in veterinary patients


Date: February 02 - February 02, 2017


Dr. Nick Dodman will share his knowledge on how to diagnosis OCDs in veterinary patients and the options available for treating these anxiety-disorders in cats and dogs. The specific topics attendees will learn include: An understanding of obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDS) in animals Knowledge of the causes and basic mechanisms of canine and feline OCD How compulsive disorders express themselves in dogs and cats The options available for treatment of these anxiety-related disorders What the realistic expectations are for outcomes in treated patients

Event type: online webinar

Event Address: online

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Sponsor: Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

For More Information:Pam Runquist,HSVMA

, prunquist@hsvma.org, Hsvma.org/webinar_0217

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