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Specialty care is just one call away


See how access to Zoetis’ pathology and specialty services can help diagnose and treat all of your cases and keep up with the latest information

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Adam Christman, DVM, MBA

Dr. Clary, we know in vet med, it's very nice to have a consultation with a pathologist on our lab work and cytologies, and on case management with the specialists. So, what does that mean for you and your patients?

Carl Clary, DVM

You know, in this day and age, it's so hard to keep up with all the information that veterinarians are supposed we're supposed to be, you know, orthopedic, we're supposed to be chemo, everything, it really gives me an opportunity to talk to somebody who's a lot more knowledgeable in that specific field. They know that field, and they can help me as a general practitioner be directed to what more to go to. And like I said, they look for...they'll tell me about different diagnostics that maybe I didn't think of. I had a case where I was missing a fungal disease, and it was a weird case. And she said, "Well, you might think about a fungal." And then she told me how to test for it, even which lab to use. And sure enough, it was a weird fungal disease that I probably would have continued missing. It had already been to several other veterinarians too. And that really helped me a lot in getting you back to where the thing I like about Zoetis too on the back of that CBC, it has the trend. If you've done five CBCs on that dog, it shows you the trend, which with a lot of diagnostics, that little pinpoint light, you might have missed it. But if you see that trend changing, it really helps you instead of me having to go back and look through all the lab work, flip it over there, it's on the back of the page. And that that really helps.

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA

You have that virtual lab tie in, too, that really helps with efficiency and having that somebody that can kind of coach you along as well, right?

Carl Clary, DVM

And that's another thing I love about Zoetis, this isn't happening next week. If I said that it might happen this afternoon, it'll happen by closing time tomorrow. And if it's eight o'clock, I was talking to a veterinarian in Tel Aviv the other night and she was incredible. And like Dr. Wolfe said, it's real personable. It's not cut and dried like you're bothering me, you know, because people are busy. I've loved it. And as you know I'm getting long in the tooth. I don't remember everything there is about veterinary medicine. And it really helps to keep up with new things like you know, COP protocols and things that I wouldn't be able to keep up with.

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