Snuggles Butt Le Lee tops list of wacky names for cats


VPI shares stories of how policy holders named pets.

Snuggles Butt Le Lee

When Madison Lee of San Jose, Calif., and her daughter, Satori, rescued their 1 year old domestic medium haired kitten, he was so lathered in dirt Lee told VPI they couldn't tell whether he was brown or orange. After lathering and rinsing (and repeating) they found their now white cat, originally dubbed “Dirty Butt,” deserved the moniker Snuggles Butt Le Lee. “If he sees my daughter with her backpack, he will literally wrap his paws around her ankle while she drags him to the all the way to the door,” Lee says. “Satori literally has to peel Snuggles off and promise him she will see him soon.”


Count Flufferton

Debora Atallah, RVT, of Cypress, Calif., and her sons had considered many names before determining the best fit. "After we brought him home, nothing seemed to fit him," Atallah says. "My sons started calling him Flufferton and it just stuck." Atallah told VPI that Flufferton's best friend is her family's 100-pound German shepherd, Duke.



Katy Purry

Inspired by the Katy Perry song “Last Friday Night” and a baby kitten's seemingly endless energy, Cheryl Coleman of Gaithersburg, Md., dubbed her kitten Katy Purry. “My Kitty is such an active little girl, I figured she'd be the one out partying every Friday night if she was a real person,” Coleman says.

A year and a half after Coleman brought Katy Purry into her home, she gave her to Rebecca Mullen of Midolthian, Va., after Mullen lost her cat to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.



Walter Croncat

Shuo Yang of Redwood City, Calif., couldn't resist keeping his feline's “punny” moniker, Walter Croncat. “We adopted Walter Croncat (and his sister, Cinderella) from a shelter in Berkeley,” Yang says. “The name was so interesting and fun that we decided to keep it. Plus, he looks so stately and dignified that I can really imagine him being ‘the most trusted cat in America.'"



Joey Banana Pants

Gina Klauba of Chicago was looking for a new feline and had a friend send a picture of a cat she recently found in her yard that she named Joey Bananas. Klauba then added "Pants" to his name. “His rear legs were so much longer than his front, and he went ‘bananas' for food and toys,” Klauba says. “It just fit.”



Felix Thunder Paws

When Winifred de Ceuninck van Capelle of Des Moines, Iowa, bought her cat she immediately decided on the name Felix because he reminded her of the black and white kitten from the European Purina commercials of the 1990s. Unfortunately, Felix soon became ill with a respiratory infection and became underweight. Once he recovered, he was back to his normal self again, however, he became overweight at 21 pounds. However, his owner told VPI t never stopped him from being a playful kitten, earning the amended name, Felix Thunder Paws. "Our downstairs neighbors thought we were harboring rhinos in our apartment,” de Ceuninck van Capelle.



Jannifer Mah and Michael Lowe of San Diego told VPI their 8-year-old American shorthair cat's name just came about naturally. “I hadn't given her a name yet, and kept calling her a nutty kitty,” Lowe says. “Then one day I decided that should just be her name.”


Señor Meow

Michelle Bedford of Gainesville, FL, left the cat naming to her 5 year old son. Inspired by his favorite television show, the Latino-American themed "Go Diego Go," he gave the cat the title Señor Meow.



Sassy Brat Cat

Margaret Cavin of Vallejo, Calif., named her then fussy, feisty and demanding little kitten Sassy Brat Cat. Although Cavin told VPI Sassy Brat Cat is a very loving pet, she is a very particular feline. Sassy Brat Cat prefers to drink from the faucet instead of a bowl of water, and even has a set bedtime.




Born and raised in Las Vegas, Jacqueline Hernandez found it fitting to name her Blue Seal Point Himalayan as homage to long-time Vegas mainstay, Elvis Presley. She's named Purscilla Marie Presley, or Purrscy for short. “Naming my cat after the Presley family seemed quite fitting in a city where you can still be married by Elvis impersonators,” Hernandez told VPI. “Due to her blue and cream colors, I think of the Elvis song ‘Blue Suede Shoes' when I think of Purrscilla.”

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