SentrX Animal Care is acquired by global leader in veterinary ophthalmology

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Dômes Pharma Group plans to distribute SentrX products through its global network of subsidiaries.

Photo: New Africa/Adobe Stock

A veterinarian examines a dog's eyes during a clinic visit.

Photo: New Africa/Adobe Stock

A veterinarian examines a dog's eyes during a clinic visit.

Dômes Pharma, a pharmaceutical company in Pont-du-Château, France, has acquired an American company that develops and manufactures veterinary ophthalmology products. SentrX Animal Care of Salt Lake City, Utah. SentrX produces the BioHAnce system, a patented crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid technology that enhances and accelerates natural healing, hydration and lubrication processes for ophthalmology, while reducing the number of applications, according to the company.

Along with a network of distributors in Europe, Dômes Pharma’s subsidiaries in England, Germany, Spain and the United States has allowed it a global presence. Anne Moulin, president of Dômes Pharma US and the third generation to develop the family business, noted that the acquisition of SentrX is the culmination of the internationalization strategy she has instilled in the business group, and her decision to become personally involved in the North American adventure by moving to Boston, Massachusetts in September 2022.

“We are delighted to have finalized the acquisition of SentrX Animal Care in such a short space of time. The geographic, industrial and therapeutic synergies between our 2 companies are so obvious that we were made for each other,” said Moulin in an organizational release. “[The acquisition is} a fantastic opportunity for us to expand more rapidly in the US, while awaiting the forthcoming FDA registration of our products.

“For SentrX, it’s an opportunity to pursue its development, particularly in Europe, by joining a human-scale group with the same vertical integration and expertise in animal health. SentrX products are highly complementary to our ophthalmology range, and their BioHAnce technology platform opens up promising new developments for our existing products,” continued Moulin, who assumed management of SentrX with the acquisition.

Brian Segebrecht, the previous President and CEO of SentrX, also expressed the complementarity of the 2 entities. “The Domes Pharma organization has an impressive long-standing track record of excellence in bringing products to market that improve the lives of pets and those who care for them. However, throughout this sale process I have been most impressed by a shared set of values and aspirations between the two companies, particularly in the field of veterinary ophthalmology. As a result of this transaction more pet owners and veterinarians in more markets will have access to an improved offering of innovative ophthalmology solutions, ultimately improving the lives of more animals around the world, which is exciting,” said Segebrecht in the release.

The BioHAnce technology patented by SentrX creates a macromolecular matrix of hyaluronic acid through an innovative cross-linking reaction. This technology also allows control of the cross-linking rate, which can be adapted to the targeted tissues, and guarantees an unrivalled degree of purity, enhancing biocompatibility. This original matrix can be used to enhance the moisturizing and protective properties of solutions containing it. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid also accelerates the healing process by creating an anchoring support for reconstruction factors in damaged tissue. At equivalent concentrations, BioHAnce hyaluronic acid is more viscous than conventional hyaluronic acid and has superior muco-adhesive properties, enabling it to remain on the eye for longer, thereby providing better hydration and a better environment for tissue healing, according to the company release.

Already launched in the United Kingdom, SentrX products are not currently distributed in France or Spain. However, they will shortly be offered by Dômes Pharma subsidiaries.


Dômes Pharma announces acquisition of SentrX Animal Care. News release. August 16, 2023. Accessed October 17, 2023.

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