Same book, different look


We hope you enjoy how new and old come together in Veterinary Economics' redesign.

No one likes change. Except for the people like me who do. We like changes when they're improvements, when they're addressing changing needs, when they're doing things better.

Case in point: this issue. We're trying to find new ways of communicating with you in the digital world and to offer more practical advice you can put into practice without too much of a headache. For instance, you're about to see:

> A new cover style (saw that already, did you?) to better match our website, as well as our sister publications dvm360 (formerly DVM Newsmagazine), Firstline magazine, and Veterinary Medicine. We work together in one big team here, we've got some of the best news, medicine, business, and team information around—so we figure it's high time to broadcast that to you.

> New content, like Dr. Marty Becker's return to a monthly column in these pages; "Get ­involved," a look at new ways practices are helping in their communities and the wider world; and "What if ...," a new take on perennial topics that uses hypothetical hospitals with big practice problems to present solutions you can use right now.

> A new emphasis on ­social media. In addition to touting our Twitter presence @dvm360, and our page we'll offer you readymade tweets and Facebook posts you can use with your current and potential clients. (See "Get social".)

> And, finally, the dvm360 Toolkit, a one-of-a-kind mix of medicine, client education, and business to appear every month in here and in Firstline and Veterinary Medicine.

Don't forget to tell me what you think at I'm listening ...

Brendan Howard, Editor

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