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6 ideas to keep clients content while they wait in your veterinary practice.

For many, waiting rooms can feel like one of Dante's circles of Hell. But with a few minor adjustments, you can help clients of all ages stay blithe and busy while they sit. Here are six ideas to borrow from other clinics.

BelaCoop Animal Hospital of North Park, Gibsonia, PennsylvaniaSeparate the men from the boys (i.e., create a separate space for kids)

Trying to keep a pet and a child satisfied at the same time can seem like an attempt to scale Everest in flip flops. Lighten clients' loads by converting a corner of your waiting room into a play area with books and stuffed animals.

Chalk up bonus points with kids and clients

Take a cue from BelaCoop Animal Hospital of North Park and add a chalkboard to your kiddie area. Bonus: Chalk is much less destructive to walls and furniture than crayons and markers.

Andover Animal Hospital, Newton, New JerseyMake mini vets

Follow Andover Animal Hospital's lead and stock your play area with child-sized lab coats to capitalize on a love of make believe-and to perhaps inspire a future veterinarian.  


Town Center Animal Clinic, Suwanee, Georgia

VetPartners Pet Hospital, Plymouth, Minnesota

Atwater Veterinary Center, Atwater, CaliforniaEncourage educational screen time

Ever notice how time flies when you're watching television? Use that phenomenon to your advantage in the clinic. Choosing a channel everyone likes can range from unbearable to impossible, so consider using a service like PetCARE TV to keep clients “edutained” with custom veterinary programming.


Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts The age of aquariums

For engaging entertainment, you can't beat Mother Nature. Case in point: This vibrant aquarium from Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod.


Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital, Whitehouse Station, New JerseyBe a showoff

Do you have any veterinary memorabilia, such as old medicine bottles, medical instruments or books? Put them to good use by putting them on display. You can buy a cabinet or create a built-in case like Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital.

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