Running Perfect Puppy Classes


Date: May 13 - June 03, 2019


A well-run, professional puppy course is a wonderful thing clients look to veterinary professionals for the best advice, and we should be ready to give it.Veterinary nurses, technicians and vets have a vital role to play in helping owners to set their new pups up to become a well-balanced, focused and confident friend for life.Do you run puppy parties at your practice? Do they go as well as you think they could? Or maybe youd really like to set up puppy classes, but are not quite sure where to start and you know that its so important that we get the advice right, at this crucial stage in dog developmentLearn how to set up and run the Perfect Puppy Class right from the start, by gaining knowledge on all the essential elements and how to incorporate them effectively, and even create your own guidelines and supporting materials for your new classes with this interactive, supported module.

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