Researchers at UGA seek feline patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorder


Study at veterinary teaching hospital will examine safety and efficacy of robenacoxib.

Enrollment is open for a trial at the University of Georgia (UGA) Veterinary Teaching Hospital that will study the effects of robenacoxib (Onsior) in cats with chronic musculoskeletal disorder. Most common among older feline patients, the condition encompasses joint osteoarthritis, spinal disorders and post-traumatic disorders.

Study details

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Eligibility: The study is seeking 20 cats with radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease in at least two painful joints. The cats may be of any breed or sex but must weigh between 5.5 and 26.4 pounds. They must also be able to wear a collar or harness and be kept indoors for the duration of the study.

Once enrolled: Participants will receive a baseline evaluation, including bloodwork, urinalysis, physical and orthopedic exams and radiographs of the affected joint or joints. The cats will be given a placebo during the first 14 days of the trial and then will be randomly assigned to receive two treatments of either a placebo, robenacoxib or both. Twenty-one days after the treatment, the participants will return to the hospital for bloodwork, urinalysis and physical and orthopedic exams.

Owner investment: Owners will be blind to the treatment their cat has been given and must keep a daily diary and complete three questionnaires.

More information: Contact Gabby Sandberg at 706-612-7660 or


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