Rehabilitation for Equine Back & Sacroiliac Conditions - A 2-Day Practical Course


Date: February 01 - February 02, 2019


Back and sacroiliac problems are amongst the most debilitating conditions affecting equine athletes. Local injections of medications do not usually resolve the problems long-term unless combined with a comprehensive rehabilitation program and the introduction of management changes. This 2-day practical course was developed for equine practitioners with a good working knowledge of back and sacroiliac conditions and covers how to use therapeutic modalities effectively in combination with comprehensive exercise protocols aimed at strengthening the back/gluteal musculature. The world-renowned specialists will be discussing the following topics interactively with the attendees: The Physical Therapists Approach to Back & Sacroiliac Conditions Physical Therapists Evaluation of the Equine Back & Pelvis Therapeutic Modalities for Back & SI Conditions Therapeutic Laser, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, Electrical Stimulation, Rapid Release Technology & Radiofrequency Therapy Rider & Horse Interaction Therapeutic Exercise for Back & Sacroiliac Problems Development of Treatment Plans for Back & SI Conditions Underwater Treadmill Therapeutic Monitoring of Back & SI Conditions Return to Sport The Progression incl. Management Changes Home Exercise Programs for your Clients Injury Prevention & Maintenance Conditioning & Performance Enhancement How to charge for Rehabilitation Services In the afternoons, 7 hours of practical small-groups sessions on live horses will allow attendees to become familiar with various therapeutic modalities and physical therapy exercises that can be passed on to horse owners.

Event type: Course

Event Address: TRIFECTA Equine Athletic Center31257 Via Maria Elena, Bonsall, CA, USA

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