Recent Bill Divides Animal Rescue Organizations and Veterinarians


A new bill out of South Carolina is dividing veterinarians and animal societies.

A bill out of South Carolina is dividing veterinarians and animal rescue organizations. Senate Bill 687 stipulates that unless their income falls below a certain level, pet owners will no longer receive veterinary services such as surgeries and medications at animal shelters. Pet owners that need these services that make over a certain income level will be required to go to a veterinarian. The bill does state, however, that animal shelters may provide veterinary services to pets they own and are holding for adoption and that all animal shelters may offer and provide services such as sterilization, microchip implantation, vaccinations, and parasite treatment to any member of the public.

While, the CEO of the Charleston Animal Society feels that the legislation would deny affordable veterinary care to hundreds of thousands of pet owners across the state, the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians states, “Putting critical safeguards in place is something that is needed for pets and their owners. Right now, there is no penalty for illegally distributing medicine to pets in South Carolina. This bill would give current law real force and move toward ending potential tragedies.”

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