Rabbit Clinics Workshop


Date: April 22 - April 29, 2019


This interactive workshop aims to provide you with a deeper insight into rabbits needs, enabling you to create species and condition-specific rabbit clinics. It will also give you a range of tips and ideas that you can use to grow and bond with your rabbit client base.Veterinary professionals are perfectly placed to provide owners with a wealth of preventative healthcare information to rabbit owners but this can be tricky to do without overwhelming them. This course will focus on some different approaches to clinics suitable for rabbits and their owners, and how best to structure them.We will look at the fundamental aspects, such as performing a general health check and understanding what is normal for this species, discussing diet and environmental needs with your clients, and useful clinic approaches such as pre-purchase and pre-operation appointments. We will also include discussion of multi-modal and telemedicine options as well as the more traditional in house visits.A range of educational tools will be explored and discussed and this will touch on notice boards, newsletters and the use of social media.

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For More Information:Jill Macdonald,ONCORE Online Learning

+44 (0)121 663 1971, info@oncoreepd.co.uk, https://www.oncoreepd.co.uk/product/rabbit-clinics/

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