Rabbit Anaesthesia ~ Getting it Right for Rabbits

August 7, 2017

Date: August 14 - September 04, 2017


Do you dread performing rabbit anaesthetics? They have a reputation for being difficult, stressful and fraught with complications, with poor recoveries often observed; however this doesnt have to be the case.This course will summarise some top tips for a smoother rabbit anaesthetic and will offer an overview of techniques including induction, airway management, maintenance and monitoring (including the pros and cons of human vs machine) and recovery.It will also offer a brief re-cap on basic anatomy, physiology and behaviour and discuss the importance of the holistic approach to anaesthesia, involving the essential step of looking deeper into the patients health and husbandry directly before and after their procedure.Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss their own current protocols and case studies as well as exploring the most up to date recommendations for the different aspects of rabbit anaesthesia.After successful completion of the course you should feel more confident about undertaking rabbit anaesthesia and will go on to produce a set of anaesthesia guidelines for a range of different scenarios that you can discuss with the rest of your team as well as a pre anaesthetic checklist that is specifically tailored for rabbits in your practice.All of our courses are 100% online, and run over a set period as a group. You can access the course lectures, guidelines and materials on our friendly learning platform at any time during the course, and complete work at your own pace.Courses are fully tutored and our discussion-based approach means that you can discuss topics with your peers and share problems and solutions, with the input, guidance and support of your tutor throughout. You will receive feedback on coursework, and all of our CPD is certified as formal/assessed distance learning.

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