Quiz: Do you know millennials? Really?


Answer these five questions to discover your MQ (millennial quotient).

Find out whether you have the potential to make a strong connection with this growing client base or whether you need to cultivate your hipster Snapchat pop culture.

1. Which of the following describe actual categories of millennials (select all that apply):

a. Hip-ennial: cautious, charitable and heavy social media user

b. Millennial mom: wealthy, family-orientated and digital savvy

c. Anti-millennial: locally minded and conservative

d. Gadget guru: successful, free spirited and wired

e. Clean-and-green millennial: cause driven, healthy and enjoys content

f. Old school millennial: cautious, charitable and not as wired



Answer: A-F. According to the Boston Consulting Group, even though millennials have a number of shared beliefs, habits and values, they aren't homogenous.

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2. Research shows that, on average, millennials check their smart phones how many times a day?

a. 15

b. 43

c. 187

d. 261



Answer: B. According to Entrepreneur, millennials check their phones 43 times a day.



3. Select a phrase that best describes millennials.

a. They prefer face-to-face contact

b. They expect instant gratification

c. They are inattentive slackers

d. They are no different than previous generations



Answer: B. According to Inc., millennials were raised with a mobile device in each hand so they want information now, and they want get it interactively. This generation needs to feel connected and involved.



4. Which marketing strategies might successfully attract the attention of millennials:

a. Using a humorous approach

b. Including a video

c. Going social … Facebook, Twitter and so on

d. Including a number of social channels to provide feedback on your services


Answer: A-D.  According to Inbound Marketing, millennials are the most connected generation, and they respond favorably to opportunities to engage and interact online.


5. Want to annoy millennials as you try to connect with them? Do this:

a.  Connect with them on social channels rather than engage them

b. Come across as inauthentic

c. Use hashtags

d. All of the above


Answer D. According to Wired, millennials are shrewd and value smart, honest communication from those trying to engage with them.

How'd you do?

5 Correct … You must be a millennial!

3-4 Correct … You're off to a good start

0-2 Correct … Whoops! Spend the next three weeks on Snapchat and try again  


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