Put your services on display without distracting patients

July 24, 2019
David Gasser, AIA

If you want more transparency in your veterinary hospitals design, plan ahead to avoid distracting patients.

One trend in veterinary hospitals these days is transparency. Show off your top-notch medicine to new and current clients watching from the exterior, the exam rooms, the reception area or during hospital tours.

“If you can bring [a service like hydrotherapy] up to the front with lots of windows and views into the lobby space, it's a marketing tool,” says HospitalDesign360 conference speaker Dave Gasser, AIA, with BDA Architecture in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keep in mind that the best hospital floor plans and materials will showcase your capabilities to clients and ensure that patient care isn't affected.

“The animal needs to not be distracted,” he says. “That can definitely go wrong.”

Hear more from Gasser in the video below.