Puppy Classes


Date: July 18 - August 01, 2016


COURSE SUMMARYDo you run puppy 'parties'? Do they go as well as you think they could? Or maybe you'd really like to set up puppy classes, but are not quite sure where to start? And it's so important that we get the advice right, at this crucial stage in dog development!A well-run, professional puppy course is a wonderful thing - clients look to veterinary professionals for the best advice, and we should be ready to give it!Veterinary nurses, technicians and vets have a vital role to play in helping owners to set their new pups up to become a well-balanced, focused and confident friend for life.Learn how to set up and run the Perfect Puppy Class right from the start, and create your own guidelines and supporting materials with this interactive, supported module.LEARNING OUTCOMESBy the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to: Have knowledge and understanding of puppy socialisation and its importance, and the role we play in helping to achieve this Have clear ideas on how to set up and run a successful puppy class in practice Provide up-to-date and useful education to puppy owners to help raise them successfullyWhat do previous participants think of this course?"ONCORE courses work a little differently to other online courses I have completed. I learned a lot from ONCORE's course and I look forward to classes they are offering in the future." Jessica Scheip LVT, Puppy Classes, Feb 2016"Brilliant course! Chock-full of information and guidance from both the tutor and fellow students. I've just finished the course and can't wait to start my puppy classes!!" Julia Burges"I attended this course which is a real must for VN's who are running puppy socialising classes in practice. Linda is a great tutor with a wealth of knowledge and experience and I can honestly say my classes have improved and moved up a gear since completing this course." Carolyn Turrall TUTORLinda Ryan (Roberts) DipAVN (Medical) VTS (Oncology) RVN Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner | Course tutorCourse info: http://www.oncoreepd.co.uk/Puppy-Classes_A1UQAJ.aspx?nh=231739You can either make payment online or request an invoice and pay in US$ by PAYPAL

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