Product News (February 2018)

American Veterinarian®February 2018
Volume 3
Issue 2

A look at some of the latest and greatest products in veterinary medicine for February 2018.

Oravet Dental Chews

Oravet Dental Hygiene ChewsMarketed By: Merial, now part of Boehringer Ingelheim

OraVet Chews are the first and only dental hygiene product for dogs that contains delmopinol. Delmopinol works to form a barrier that prevents the bacterial attachment that leads to plaque and calculus buildup, as well as halitosis. The scrubbing action of the chew works in concert with delmopinol to remove existing plaque and calculus. The chews have been clinically proven to significantly reduce plaque, calculus, and halitosis.

Dose Form: Chews (4 sizes depending on weight)

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Petrodex Toothpaste

Petrodex Enzymatic ToothpasteMarketed By: Sentry

Formulated specifically for pets, this nonfoaming poultry-flavored toothpaste cleans teeth without requiring any rinsing. Its patented enzyme formula helps control plaque, prevent tartar formation, polish teeth, and freshen breath. Available in a 6.2-oz tube.

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Dentahex Oral Care Rinse

Dentahex Oral Care RinseMarketed By: Vetoquinol

Keep pets’ teeth healthy and clean by rinsing them daily with Dentahex Oral Care Rinse following each meal or as directed by a veterinarian. For both dogs and cats, this rinse provides both anti-plaque and anti-calculus properties to help prevent tooth and gum disease.

Dose Form: Daily oral rinse

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Nylabone Tartar Remover

Advanced Oral Care Liquid Tartar RemoverMarketed By: Nylabone

When added to a dog’s water, Advanced Oral Care Liquid Tartar Remover alters the pH of the dog’s saliva to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, all while freshening the breath. This solution includes Denta-C, a scientifically formulated blend of ingredients that helps reduce plaque harboring bacteria.

Dose Form: Water additive

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Clenz-a-dent Mouth Rinse/Water AdditiveMarketed By: Ceva Animal Health

The mint-flavored Clenz-a-dent Mouth Rinse/ Water Additive can be used as a water additive (for dogs and cats under 25 lb and for dogs over 25 lb) or as a mouth rinse. The oral solution contains RF2 to help inhibit the growth of bacteria that lead to bad breath. Available in 8.4-oz (250 mL) bottles with a measuring cup and a spray nozzle.

Dose Form: Oral rinse

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Vetpro 1000

Vetpro 1000 Mobile Dental DELIVERY SYSTEM

Marketed By: Midmark

The VetPro 1000 Mobile Dental Delivery System provides a clean, dry, aseptic work environment that is also ecologically friendly. Its oil-free technology is a healthier alternative to systems that involve messy oil changes—so it’s better for your staff and better for the environment.

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