Print: 'You're one heck of a tech!'

October 14, 2018
dvm360 Staff

Let the technicians in your veterinary practice know that their daily bum-busting and all-around awesomeness are not going unnoticed with these printable notes. (We like to think of them as verbal high fives.)

Do you work with a technician who's an ace at anesthesia, a pro at dental prophylaxis or a whiz at wound care (or perhaps a killer combination of all three)? Don't let another busy day at your practice pass without expressing your admiration!

While it's always a good day for practice owners, practice managers, practitioners and team members to recognize technicians' skills and hard work, the fact that today kicks off National Veterinary Technician Week (Oct. 14-20) makes such efforts that much more timely.

Start some complimentary conversations with these complementary notes that you can personalize for the technicians who knock your socks off every day.

Click on the image to download the PDF.