Your dog's doing well. Txt u L8R.


This practice texts their clients with reminders and surgery updates.

A few years ago, it was almost unheard of to text a client. Surprisingly when asked, many of our clients mentioned they wanted reminder texts, and updates on their pets in the hospital. We started by texting our grooming clients reminders for appointments. Then we branched off to our surgery patients. Reminders to fast, updates when their pet entered surgery, and recovery and estimated time of discharge.

We set up canned messages for surgeries so the process takes mere seconds to do. It really lets the clients feel like they are more involved with their pet's procedure, and puts them at ease while they are away from their pet. We still believe in getting on the phone and getting in front of the client at admission and discharge time, but this helps bridge the gap between those times.

Angela Hartin, Bookkeeper and Assistant Manager

Hawthorne Animal Hospital

Glen Carbon, Illinois

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