Practice management service provider changes leadership structure


iVET360’s goals are to accommodate the company’s growth and to enhance career advancement opportunities for its employees

iVET360, a Portland, Oregon-based practice management services company, has announced an adjustment to its leadership structure, to be effective immediately. The new daily leadership structure will be headed by a collective of the senior managers and cofounders, who move into officer positions, as follows:

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO): Drew Vandeberghe
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Oliver Roller
  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): Justin Vandeberghe

Cofounders and chief executive officers Matthew Murray and Dawn Kleser will be stepping back from day-to-day operations but will continue to serve in an advisory role for the company.

iVET360 has also moved several long-term employees who have made significant contributions to the company into senior management positions. In a company press release, COO Drew Vandeberghe explained that this evolution was not only necessary to improve the business’ operations, but also create more opportunities for career advancement.

“We have empowered them as decision-makers, allowing them to run with their ideas,” he said, in the release. “This has the dual benefit of removing current bottlenecks to innovation and is ultimately more rewarding for these valuable team members.”

For iVET360’s clients, this will mean a new focus on expanding services and providing faster results, according to the company. For the staff at iVET360, it means the opportunity to grow with the company instead of seeking new challenges elsewhere.

“We’ve been tremendously successful helping our clients manage growth in a volatile environment,” said Vandeberghe, in the release. “It was time we took a breath, stepped back, and managed our own.”

iVET360 was established in 2013 and provides critical support to veterinary hospitals, according to the company. Their specialists educate and assist practices with marketing, analytics, human resources, and training to help ensure complete implementation of proven business strategies into the daily activities of hospitals.


iVET360 enhances leadership structure to accommodate growth, create opportunity. News release. iVET360. March 1, 2022.

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