Practical Infection Control - AMTRA accredited


Date: October 21 - November 11, 2019


Infection control is a vitally important aspect of veterinary practice and the consequences of poor hygiene can be catastrophic.Are your infection control standards measuring up? Are you doing enough to promote hygiene? Do you feel like your protocols need reviewing, but are not quite sure where to start?This course will explore the key factors of infection control from basic practice hygiene to clinical considerations as well as helping to achieve guidelines set within the RCVS practice standards.Participants will be able to share their knowledge base and protocols with a view to gaining an understanding of the areas of strength and weakness in the delivery of infection control measures in their practice. This will lead to discussions on how improvements can be made to achieve best practice standards.The flexibility of this course will allow each student to address their own practice situation and following study they will be able to reflect on the infection control risks in diagrammatical form, develop a biosecurity standard operating procedure and become the practice infection control champion.This course is accredited by AMTRA for 32 SQP CPD points.

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