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It’s a common belief that only droopy-eared dogs get ear infections, but that’s not true! Even dogs with pointy ears can get them. #pets


Does your dog scratch his ears or shake his head? Is there a discharge or foul odor coming from his ears? If so, he might have an ear infection. Call us today and we’ll take a look!

If a dog has had multiple ear infections, the ear anatomy can change and make it more likely for him to get infections in the future. #pets


Most dogs get infections in their ears because of allergies to environmental irritants—and it’s the allergic reaction that makes their ears so itchy. Once a dog starts scratching, the ear canal lining gets damaged, and yeast and bacteria take over. Let us take a look before it gets serious!

Ear infections affect 14-20% of dogs. If your dog scratches his ears, shakes his head or has a foul ear odor, he may be one of them. #pets


Using an ample amount of cleaner is key to thoroughly cleansing the ear canal. But don’t use cotton swabs! Using them can cause impaction or damage to the ear. Let us show you how to do it properly—call us today!

In puppies and kittens, itchy ears can be caused by ear mites. If you see your new #pet scratching or see a brown discharge, call us!


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