Poisonous Plants: Plants Causing Sudden Death


Plants associated with the sudden death of livestock are presented in this course. (2 CE credits)

Plants associated with the sudden death of livestock are presented in this online, self-directed, two-CE-credit course. Emphasis is placed on the common plants in North America associated with cyanide and nitrate poisoning, as well sas those plants that contain highly toxic alkaloids that often cause mortality in livestock species. The plant toxin, clinical signs and the treatment for each plant toxicity are all presented.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

> Formulate a differential diagnosis for sudden deaths in animals that will include acutely toxic plants.

> Recognize plants capable of causing acute deaths in animals.

> Understand the pathophysiology of cyanide and nitrate other plant toxins capable of poisoning animals.

> Recognize the clinical signs and specific antidote for treating specific plant poisoning.

> Utilize resources available to you to identify poisonous plants and plant poisoning.


Dr. Tony Knight, Anthony.Knight@colostate.edu

Dr. Knight has taught plant toxicology in the professional veterinary medical curriculum for over 20 years and has recently published a book with CD on the subject. (A Guide to Plant Poisoning of Animals in North America. Published by Teton New Media). He has utilized his field experience in working with livestock owners who have had plant poisoning problems to embellish the plant toxicology course taught to veterinary students at Colorado Sate University.

He is frequently invited to speak to veterinarians, livestock producers, and Cooperative Extension personnel on the importance of toxic plants in the western United States. To help answer frequent questions on the subject of plant poisoning, Dr Knight also has a popular web page on toxic plants.

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