Physical examination for technicians: Part 1 and 2 (Proceedings)


A technician's checklist for physical examinations

I. Head and neck

  • Check face for symetry (right vs left), open

  • Mouth and check teeth, mucous membranes, tonsils,

  • Tongue, look as far back in the throat as possible

  • With the dog awake. Check ears externally and with

  • Otoscope.

  • Palpate all surfaces including neck feeling for

  • Assymetry, lumps, bumps, etc. Feel lymph nodes and

  • Compare right and left sides of the neck. Palpate the

  • Trachea and listen to the trachea with a stethascope

II. Chest area

  • Auscultation of the chest (lungs and heart).

  • Palpate the outer chest area for lumps, bumps,

  • Lacerations, parasites, etc.

III. Abdominal area

  • Palpate the abdomen for masses and tenderness.

  • Palpate the outer surface of the body for lumps,

  • Bumps, breaks in the skin surface and parasites, etc.

IV. Anal and caudal area

  • Examine the anus and caudal area by lifting the

  • Tail and visually examining the structures and by

  • Doing a digital palpation of the anus. Part the lips of

  • The vulva and look inside as far as possible in the

  • Female and palpate the testicles in the male for

  • Symetry, texture and regularity. Express anal sacs.

  • And do a fecal exam.

V. Legs, spine and bone structure

  • Palpate each and every bone seperately. Flex and

  • Extend each joint seperately keeping all other joints

  • Immobile. Palpate each and every dorsal spines of the

  • Vertebrae. Flex and extend the neck and observe for

  • Pain etc.

VI. Look at any and all lab work

  • Check for any lab value that is out of the

  • Normal range and bring this to the veterinarians

  • Attention. Record the temperatur and weight of the

  • Animal in the record daily. Observe the attitude of

  • The animal and appetite.

  • Notes:

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