Petnow AI identification app launches in Canada


Updated feature to help identify both cats and dogs

Petnow Inc has released its AI-driven biometric identification app in Canada, with a special feature for cats, making it the first of its kind worldwide.

Photo courtesy of Petnow.

Photo courtesy of Petnow.

According to a company release,1 the Petnow app’s technology identifies dogs via unique nose prints, like fingerprints. Because of its success, the company has further evolved the app to include identification capabilities for cats. Petnow has teamed up with pet insurance providers, government animal control departments, and other pet services to offer comprehensive benefits and seamless pet management experiences.

"We are honored to be selected as one of the featured startups at Collision Conference 2023 and to expand our presence to Canada, adding to our supported regions. We are eager to connect with industry players who share our vision of enhancing pet identification,” said Dr Jesse Joonho Lim, CEO of Petnow Inc, in the release.1 "Our Canadian app launch marks our expansion into the North American market, following the successful launch of our app in the United States in December last year."

Petnow originated in South Korea with the goal to create a world without lost animals. The Petnow app has received the Best of Innovation award at Consumer Electronics Show 2022, and has been featured on BBC, CBS, Reuters, and Fox News. The company will be displaying its product at Collision Conference 2023, where it has also been shortlisted for the PITCH event, taking place in Toronto, Canada from June 26th to June 29th.


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