Pet weight loss posts and tweets

October 27, 2016

Pre-prepared Facebook posts and tweets that exercise social media channels to help your overweight veterinary patients.

A campaign to cure those couch dogs and cats. (Photo by Mindy Valcarcel)Do you see a lot of your canine and feline patients sneaking up poundage-wise on the scale? Try rolling out a social media campaign featuring weight loss tips for pets, based on this article.

Facebook posts

Weight loss tip: Is your fluffy cat feeling heftier every time you pick her up? Maybe it's time to feed her meals on a set schedule instead of “free choice feeding,” having food out at all hours. Free choice feeding has been associated with overweight cats in some studies. And if she won't eat her breakfast at the designated time, she'll have to wait for dinner.

Weight loss tip: Everyone loves a big family dinner, especially your dog scouting for scraps on the floor or for willing food-smuggling accomplices. But if he needs a restricted diet, consider separating him from the rest of the family while eating-and don't give him access to his slimmer, pickier brother's fare either. Don't feel bad! Think of it like seating him in the ultra-exclusive room in that posh restaurant where you can eat without onlookers.

Weight loss tip: You love your little beggars, but you need to curb the extra treats they coax out of you. (We know, they're so hard to resist!) Restricting your pets' access to the kitchen and dining area keeps them from mugging those Puss-in-Boots-worthy sad eyes at you.

Weight loss tip: If you've started restricting your pet's food intake to help her lose a little weight, you might feel guilty because the appropriate amount of food seems so small compared with what you've fed previously. Change your perspective by buying smaller food bowls and utensils to dole out the food. You and your pet won't even realize she's missing out.

Weight loss tip: Sparky lost 5 pounds thanks to your careful weight loss program, including scheduled exercise. Awesome! Don't fall into the trap of resuming former couch-dog practices. Inactivity could result in Sparky's expanding waistline once again. Keep yourself on task by maintaining a log of Sparky's activity to make sure he's balancing those calories in-calories out.

Weight loss tip: Chloe is begging for food. She MUST be hungry, so you can't deny her, right? Well, just like us mere humans, dogs and cats will eat when they're not hungry-just for the pure pleasure of the food. So don't give in every time Chloe entreaties for a treat. Spend some time in play or give some affection! She can wait for dinner.

Weight loss tip: You're working hard on your pet's weight loss. You've got the special diet food and lower-calorie treats. But stop and think how many times a day you give one of those treats. Those calories add up quickly! We can work with you to figure out how much food your pet needs daily. Then each morning you can apportion out the day's food and treats, and if you've reached the end of your supply, he's done for the day. His tummy is all set.


Weight loss tip: Set out daily food/treats to meet an ideal calorie count. When the supply is gone, Jack's done for the day.

Weight loss tip: Rex won't stop begging? Like us, dogs can eat for pleasure not out of hunger. Resist-go for a walk instead!

Weight loss tip: A set schedule for when food is available instead of free choice feeding may help your cat lose weight.

Weight loss tip: Separate your dog during family meals so you're less likely to fall prey to the irresistible begging eyes.

Weight loss tip: Keep a daily log of how much exercise your pet is getting-it will hold you accountable as well.

Weight loss tip: Does your pet's reduced diet look meager? Change your perspective. Try serving it in a smaller dish.

Weight loss tip: New rule: No dogs in the kitchen. This will keep you from giving in to their expert begging tactics.