Pet Owner 2.0: A dvm360 Leadership Challenge


Yup, were talking about millennials. (Oh, calm down.) How they decide. What theyre really like. And how to tip the scale in favor of pet health.

Raw diets. Low prices and specialist-level care. Ways to manage cost. Easier access to your know-how. Today's veterinary clients just aren't the same-and they want it all. But you have a secret weapon that's new, too: far more information about them. Here's a look at how they make decisions, what they really want, what they're really like-and some tips for tipping the scale in favor of pet health.


Pet owner 2.0: Your millennial veterinary clients She looks really sweet, doesn't she? Watch out, because the millennial mom will eat your lunch if you aren't careful. Here's your definitive guide to understanding and connecting with this new generation of pet owners.



Three words: Call. Your. Vet. You're in the grocery store and get accosted by a client. Sound familiar? One trait of the new pet owner is a desire for access ALL THE TIME. And sometimes there's no other option than a visit to the clinic.


Today's veterinary clients just aren't the same

Check out this data to learn how they make decisions, what they REALLY want and what they're REALLY like. Then arm yourself and your team for more effective conversations with these dedicated pet owners.

Pain: When "It hurts" meets "How much does it cost?"

Good news: Today's pet owners are more aware of their pets' care options. Bad news: The same recommendation doesn't work the same way for every client. Let's work through a pain example in the veterinary clinic.

Handout: Safe places to socialize puppies

Socialization is an important part of a young dog's early life. Make sure your veterinary hospital clients choose safe spaces for socialization that won't prematurely expose puppies to other pets or diseases.




Keeping Dr. Google on the straight and narrow

Use this interactive flow chart to help your veterinary clients keep Dr. Google in check.




Ambushed on aisle 1

You'll see customers when you're out and about. Don't feel like you need to run and hide. Instead, use these tips to streamline these conversations and encourage pet owners to happily schedule appointments during regular business hours.

Why pet owners (and the rest of us) play it safe

Your pet-owning clients today are different, yes, but in many ways they might be the same as they've ever been. Delve into two important ways veterinary clients fear the wrong action far more than no action-and what you can do about it.

3 Dr. Google horror stories that reflect the veterinary profession's new normal

Many clients aren't on the same page with you about your expertise-they're relying on the Internet for veterinary advice.

Stop judging your new consumer

Confess: Are you frustrated by the high-demand, Google-happy discount divas and snapchat skeptics who ask everyone before they consult the veterinarian? Here's help. 



Pet owner 2.0: Dr. Google or Dr. Vet?

DYK? Many clients who use Dr. Google aren't sorry.

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