Pet health app now offers integrated financing options for veterinary care


CareCredit and PetDesk hope to offer pet owners more peace of mind through enhanced communication with veterinary practices and easier access to pet care financing.

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PetDesk and CareCredit are aiming to make pet care more accessible and affordable. (Alexander Belinskiy /

The cost of pet health care has long been an issue for many owners, and the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has exacerbated those concerns. In addition, many pet owners now expect easy electronic communication with their veterinary practice, much like they have with their own health care providers. Now, through an exclusive partnership with CareCredit, the PetDesk app is both improving communication between pet owners and veterinary practices and offering easier access to pet care financing.

CareCredit and PetDesk hope that this app will provide clients with more peace of mind when it comes to their pets, their care and the associated costs.

“We know that the primary barrier to all types of care is financial and this will be especially true now,” said Boo Larsen, general manager and vice president of CareCredit Veterinary, in a press release announcing the partnership. “By making financing readily available to pet parents within the PetDesk app, clients can be prepared with an easier payment solution at this time. And, over the lifetime of their pet.”

The app offers multiple avenues for client communication and virtual pet care, including health care reminders, appointment scheduling, video chat and two-way messaging. And when confronted with service estimates outside their budget, pet owners can apply for the CareCredit credit card directly through the app and receive a credit decision right away.

“Pet parents … also expect veterinary teams to continue delivering easy-to-use technology like health apps, telemedicine and touchless payment, which they rapidly adopted during COVID-19,” said PetDesk CEO Taylor Cavanah. “According to Pet Desk data, the number of veterinary practices adopting two-way messaging has tripled since mid-March, with the total number of messages facilitated by the PetDesk platform increasing by more than 650% during that time.

“Our partnership with CareCredit will help meet these demands to deliver a frictionless client experience on every level,” Cavanah said.

For more information, visit the PetDesk website.

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