Peace of mind medicine: The importance of telehealth and virtual care in veterinary medicine


Jessica Trimble, DVM, shares how telemedicine can bond both clients and staff to your practice

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With the rise in telehealth and virtual care in veterinary medicine, is your practice offering these services to its clients? If not, Jessica Trimble, DVM, explains the importance of offering these services, and how they can affect both clients and staff.

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Jessica Trimble, DVM: I think it's a little irresponsible as a business owner not to think about that, right? So, you know, I'll get super personal myself, I can't work clinically anymore, because I have a chronic disease that causes my joints to just fall apart with repetitive motion. So spaying things and you know, tying suitors over and over, I can't do that anymore. But I can do telehealth. So there's so many people like me out there whose brains still work great. I just can't literally be standing in a clinic for hours on end day after day. And you know, when I first started hiring folks for telehealth, those are the folks that were popping up. It was technicians whose back went out lifting a Great Dane, but they use their brain and support these clinics.

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