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Paws and profits: Spotlighting veterinary business achievements


Check out the latest news in the veterinary industry with these 5 recent promotions and appointments

Veterinary businesses and companies play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of pets, relying on a delicate balance of medical expertise, compassionate care, and effective management. Great leadership within the veterinary industry can significantly impact the quality of pet care provided and exceptional leaders in the veterinary industry can help the professional development of their teams. Industry leaders can foster a culture of innovation while staying in the know of the latest advancements in veterinary medicine.

Various veterinary businesses and organizations recently announced new promotions and appointments. The following 5 individuals are among those making career advancements:

Joe Altobelli, chief financial officer, Bond Vet

Joseph Altobelli, CFO of Bond Vet. (Photo courtesy of Bond Vet)

Joseph Altobelli, CFO of Bond Vet. (Photo courtesy of Bond Vet)

Joseph Altobelli was appointed to the position of chief financial officer (CFO) of Bond Vet, a network of veterinary primary and urgent care services in the United States. Altobelli comes to Bond Vet with more than 20 years of experience leading finance teams, including CityMD.1

“I’m thrilled to welcome Joe to Bond Vet,” said Garrett Lewis, CEO of Bond Vet, stated in the company release. “Joe brings extensive financial experience to our team, and his expertise will support our continued rapid growth into new communities.”1

Altobelli has also held previous CFO roles at various banking companies like PineBridge Investments, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Salomon Smith Barney. “I am excited to join the talented team at Bond Vet,” said Joe Altobeli, CFO. “Their dedication to strengthening the human-animal bond through better pet care resonates with me, and I am enthusiastic about being part of a company that values innovation, integrity, and outstanding service.”1

Andrew T. Maccabe, DVM, vice president of veterinary education, Mars Veterinary Health

Andrew T. Maccabe, DVM, vice president of veterinary education, Mars Veterinary Health. (Photo courtesy of Mars Veterinary Health)

Andrew T. Maccabe, DVM, vice president of veterinary education, Mars Veterinary Health. (Photo courtesy of Mars Veterinary Health)

Starting July 1, 2024, Andrew T. Maccabe, DVM, will join the Mars Veterinary Health team as the vice president of veterinary education, starting July 1, 2024. Having served as the CEO for the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), for the last 12 years, Maccabe will step down from his current role in June 2024.2

According to a LinkedIn post by Mars Veterinary Health, this is a newly created role within the company to further healthcare education and a sustainable future for veterinary medicine. Maccabe will be in charge of the clinical learning across Mars’s 3000 global clinics and provide strategic leadership in veterinary education. He will also oversee strategic partnerships with veterinary medical professional education programs.

“I've long been impressed by Dr Maccabe's impact on veterinary medicine and the relationships he's cultivated in his pursuit of advancing our profession. I respect his expertise, innovative spirit and leadership, and know in this role, he'll fuel learning and growth within Mars Veterinary Health and across the industry, serving future generations of veterinary professionals,” said Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH, strategic global veterinary leader at Mars Veterinary Health, in a LinkedIn post.

Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM, 2024 VetPartners president

Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM, was named as the VetPartners 2024 president while at the association’s annual conference held last month in Orlando, Florida. Dixon Perry has worked in the veterinary space for more than 38 years, and as the new VetPartners president, will focus on the creating resourses for those experiencing a rise in staffing challenges.

“I am thrilled to work alongside a dedicated group of individuals committed to advancing our association’s mission and supporting the veterinary profession,” Dixon Perry said in a news release. “We are on the brink of a paradigm shift as to how we run and operate within this phenomenal industry. As many other industries have adjusted how they operate, we find that the veterinary profession needs support in adjusting, and we are here to provide that assistance. I’m excited about this initiative and our efforts to create a free resource that will be available to veterinary practice leaders all over the world. 2024 will be a great year for VetPartners to continue supporting the veterinary profession.”3

Jamie Specht, chief financial officer, Pawlicy Advisor

Another CFO appointment comes from Pawlicy Advisor, an independent pet insurance provider. Jamie Specht is named CFO and will focus on increasing strategic growth through partnership and business expansion. Specht will help further the company’s technology infrastructure to streamline veterinary office operations.

“Pawlicy Advisor is setting a new standard for the pet insurance industry, and I look forward to enabling more accessible veterinary care and financial well-being for both pet owners and veterinarians,” said Specht in a company release.4

Woody Mawhinney, CEO and cofounder at Pawlicy Advisor, stated, “This growth phase marks a pivotal moment in our journey, and we are poised to meet the needs of pet owners, veterinary teams, and strategic partners alike.”4

Erin Tate, DVM, vice president of clinical development, CityVet

Erin Tate, DVM, vice president of clinical development at CityVet. (Photo courtesy of CityVet)

Erin Tate, DVM, vice president of clinical development at CityVet. (Photo courtesy of CityVet)

Erin Tate, DVM was promoted to vice president of clinical development at CityVet after previously serving as the Lead Partner at CityVet Preston Forest and supporting partner at CityVet Preston Hollow, both located in Dallas, Texas.5

Tate’s start at CityVet began in 2004, but now as vice president of clinical development, she will support the chief veterinary officer at CityVet, Paul Kline, DVM, and focus on the development of veterinary owners and associates, provide medical and clinical support for enhanced standards of care, and support the company’s recruiting team to attract exceptional veterinarians onto the growing team.

“I’m excited to step into this new role and join the team at the CityVet home office. It feels like a natural progression to take my experience from the past 20 years of being with CityVet and apply it to helping other veterinarians become CityVet doctors, while growing our footprint nationally,” Tate said in a CityVet release.5

In addition to her development goals, Tate will provide educational tools for patient and employee management, business insights, payroll, staffing, and work with the CityVet Academy, a special training program geared towards newly graduated veterinarians to assist them to become leaders in the industry and help them continue to hone their skills.5

“No one understands what the life of a CityVet veterinarian entails better than Dr Tate,” said CityVet CEO David Boguslawski. “We are thrilled for Dr. Tate to step into this new role and be able to share her learnings from two decades with CityVet and serve as a mentor to our current and new partners. She is truly a champion of CityVet and we know she will be a great asset for our veterinarians as we continue to grow.”5


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