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Check out the latest news in the veterinary industry with these 5 recent position promotions

Leaders within the veterinary and pet industry are essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of their practices or businesses. Their forward-thinking approach drives expansion, fosters innovation, and advocates for sustainability in the field, consequently influencing the well-being of countless animals and their owners.

Various veterinary organizations recently announced new promotions and appointments. The following individuals are among those making career advancements:

Sun Kim, DVM, MS, DACVB, PhD, Dave and Cheryl Duffield professor, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

The Duffield Institute for Animal Behavior at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is taking steps to further the understanding of animal behavior and enhance the well-being of both pets and their owners. The institute recently welcomed Sun Kim, DVM, MS, DACVB, PhD as the newly appointed Dave and Cheryl Duffield Professor. With Kim onboard, the institute’s core team is now fully assembled and actively progressing or launching various research and educational initiatives.1

Previously a clinical professor at Chungbuk National University (CBNU) in South Korea, Kim’s background consists of a DVM degree from CBNU; a residency at the University of California, Davis; a PhD in clinical veterinary medicine from Seoul National University; and board certification as a behaviorist.1

In her role as the leader of the Duffield Institute, Kim intends to utilize her diverse skillset across clinical practice, research endeavors, and educational initiatives. Alongside her ongoing research aimed at mitigating stress in animals, she aims to delve into cognitive dysfunction syndrome, a type of canine dementia, and the human-animal bond. “By teaching, I can multiply my impact to more patients,” Kim said in a news release. “And I came to Cornell because of the opportunities to collaborate on research and partner with other clinicians to advance our work together.”1

Krista Bailey, MS, director of curriculum development at Ready, Vet, Go

Ready, Vet, Go, a 6-month veterinary mentorship program that focuses on the numerous non-clinical facets of the veterinary profession, has recently hired its first director of curriculum development, Krista Bailey, MS. “Our newly appointed director of curriculum development, Krista Bailey, has refreshed our learning modules and created an even more robust mentee experience—one that’s accessible to a variety of learning styles to better support a broader range of new grads,” said Dani Rabwin, DVM, founder and CEO of Ready, Vet, Go, in a news release.2

“As a college professor for the past two decades, I have mentored many biology and pre-allied health students over the years,” Bailey said in the release. “I have learned that the support they need is a combination of technical instruction, learning skills, and mostly cheerleading. They want and need to learn confidence in their skills and knowledge so they can move from classroom to application. I am so excited to be a part of Ready, Vet, Go to support the veterinary profession by providing exactly what is needed right when it is needed most.”2

Ready, Vet, Go’s initiative comprises monthly thematic modules, a wide array of downloadable resources, and various community features that facilitate mentee engagement with mentors and peers. It encompasses live monthly workshops on veterinary success, intimate "pack" gatherings, and access to the Ready, Vet, Go Community forum.2

Melanie King, executive field representative, American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club (AKC), a non-profit organization renowned as the largest registry for purebred dogs globally and an advocate for canines, appointed Melanie King as an executive field representative based in the Mid-Atlantic area.3

“Melanie has longtime experience with Irish Wolfhounds and Whippets. She is a successful breeder-owner-handler and AKC Breeder of Merit in English springer spaniels, and her Springers have won National Specialties. She was also the 1994 Westminster Kennel Club Best Junior Handler. She has managed large kennels and brings a wealth of hands-on dog expertise to the position. All of this will be valuable assets as an executive field representative,” said Sandy D’Andrea, field director of conformation at AKC, in a news release. “The American Kennel Club is proud to welcome her to the staff.”3

Previously, King collaborated with several esteemed professional handlers such as Glenn and Rebecca Lycan, Bruce and Gretchen Shultz, the Booths, and Robin Novak. With a background as both a breeder and owner handler, King holds the record for the “Top Specialty” winning English springer spaniel to date. She possesses comprehensive expertise across all facets of animal care, including work in veterinary clinics, and overseeing operations in boarding kennels and breeding establishments.3

Glenn Murphy, executive chairman of Petco Health and Wellness Company Inc

Glenn Murphy, executive chairman of Petco Health and Wellness Company Inc. (Photo courtesy of Petco)

Glenn Murphy, executive chairman of Petco Health and Wellness Company Inc. (Photo courtesy of Petco)

Petco Health and Wellness Company Inc, announced earlier this month that it was welcoming Glenn Murphy, CEO of Fis Holdings, as new executive chairman of the board of directors, effective immediately. In his capacity as executive chairman, Murphy will assist the Petco leadership team in ameliorating profitability and executing strategic initiatives to foster sustainable long-term expansion. He will actively participate in the board of directors' quest for a permanent chief executive officer.4

"Glenn is a proven leader and innovator with a track record of success across multiple retail sectors over the past three decades," said Cameron Breitner, member of the Petco board of directors and senior advisor at CVC Capital Partners, in a news release. "His experience driving profitable growth through periods of transition will provide great value to Petco's leadership team and the board of directors during this important period for the company."4

"Petco is a well-regarded brand in the high-growth pet category with a differentiated approach that I believe is positioned to create significant long-term shareholder value," said Murphy in the same release. "In evaluating the executive chairman role over the past several months, I have built conviction that there are many tangible opportunities to improve near-term operating and financial performance and deliver attractive long-term growth. I look forward to working closely with management and the board of directors toward these objectives."4

Robert E. Devlin, DVM, MBA, director of veterinary sciences, Pet King Brands

Robert E. Devlin, DVM, MBA, director of veterinary sciences, Pet King Brands. (Photo courtesy of Pet King Brands)

Robert E. Devlin, DVM, MBA, director of veterinary sciences, Pet King Brands. (Photo courtesy of Pet King Brands)

Pet King Brands (PKB), a manufacturer of veterinarian-approved enzymatic pet health products in the United States, recently expressed their excitement of their appointment of Robert E. Devlin, DVM, MBA as director of veterinary sciences. Devlin brings deep understanding of the animal health market, coupled with experience in business development supported by a DVM degree and an MBA specialized in business administration.5

"Since joining the team in 2020, Rob has provided integral insights into the animal health market," said Pamela K. Bosco, president and founder of Pet King Brands, in a news release by the company. "His knowledge of the veterinary industry will continue to foster the collaboration of emerging trends and advancements.”5

Devlin’s role at PKB will involve analyzing customer needs and driving product development and marketing strategies through shared insight. Additionally, he will offer medical and professional mentoring and represent the company at scientific and industry events.5


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