Patient-Friendly Practice

May 26, 2018

Date: July 30 - August 27, 2018


We all understand that it is our moral duty as veterinary professionals to ensure we do the very best for our patients clinically and emotionally.We have all seen those stressed pets that come into the practice, and they can be challenging to manage, especially when we need to get things done. We have been historically led to consider them as bad, naughty, nasty and can forget how the pets reaction to coming to the practice is all in response to fear. They come to the practice, something bad happens, they became afraid. No-one understands their signals, they feel more under pressure every time they visit the clinic, and they lose the ability to cope. Very rapidly you have a patient that is in a heightened state of anxiety, resulting in even simple clinical examination being difficult.Thats not good for the pet, the owner, the practice or you. Its stressful (and even dangerous) for everyone, and also leaves us feeling sad and guilty that we might not have done our best for that patient.Pet owners also hate to see their pets afraid, and stressful clinic visits will often prevent clients from bringing their pets to the practice when they need medical attention. Your clients will appreciate your commitment to ensuring their pets visits are as easy for them as possible.That is why it is so important to follow Patient-Friendly techniques as a professional and as a practice

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