Pathway Vet Alliance announces new incentive program for veterinarians

March 24, 2021
dvm360 Staff

The Veterinary Incentive Plan will provide general practice doctors the opportunity to earn up to $225,000 and those working in specialty and emergency care up to $450,000.

Pathway Vet Alliance and THRIVE, part of the Pathway family of companies, recently announced the launch of its Veterinary Incentive Plan (VIP). The new program will allow veterinarians who currently work or will soon provide care at Pathway or THRIVE locations to elect to participate in their new bonus structure.

The VIP program, which is based partly on tenure and predominately on company performance, provides general practice veterinarians the unique opportunity to earn up to $225,000 and specialty or emergency doctors up to $450,000.

“This is an exciting, first-ever industry benefit, which we are truly proud to unveil here at Pathway,” said Pathway Vet Alliance CEO Stephen Hadley, DVM, MS, MBA, in a company release.

“At Pathway, we believe providing the best possible care for pets starts with taking the best possible care of our people, which includes ensuring they are healthy physically, mentally, and financially while providing a place for doctors to have a thriving career.”

According to the release, this revenue program is voluntary, and current and new veterinarians (part-time and full-time) and third-year residents are eligible to apply. Veterinarians must work for 5 consecutive years at Pathway or THRIVE hospital locations while participating in the program.

The new incentive officially launches April 1, 2021, but interested doctors are already receiving their paperwork.

To learn more about the new VIP program, go here.