OSU study discovers increased risk factors for anaplasmosis marginale infection in Ohio cattle

dvm360dvm360 November 2022
Volume 53
Issue 11
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Ohio farmers turn to University Products LLC, company with only effective vaccine to fight this deadly disease

University Products LLC spotlighted a recent study by Ohio State University (OSU) on the prevalence of anaplasma marginale and linked risk factors in beef cattle from Ohio, the first study of its kind to report bovine anaplasmosis in Ohio herds. The findings displayed an estimated statewide molecular prevalence of 38.53% (95% CI, 33.26% to 43.81%), with some farms experiencing higher prevalence than others (19.40% to 56.86%).1

Anthony Brown / stock.adobe.com

Anthony Brown / stock.adobe.com

Anaplasmosis is a blood disease carried by parasites that infects red blood cells, causing severe anemia and death. This leads to an annual global cattle loss of approximately between $14-$19 billion dollars, according to a news release.2 Louisiana-based University Products has developed the only effective vaccine against anaplasmosis approved for experimental use and successfully deployed in the US, Puerto Rico, and South America for over 20 years.

Anaplasmosis treatments usually consist of a tetracycline antibiotic, or chlortetracycline supplied in feed and mineral supplements. All antibiotic treatments require a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for oral use, with most veterinarians warning that cows may not eat a sufficient amount for an effective treatment. Also, with recent FDA antibiotic restrictions3, producers must have a confirmed case of anaplasmosis to receive a VFD. This disease is especially harmful because most ranchers and producers don’t recognize signs of infection until a cow is dead. By this time, most of the rest of the herd is already infected.

"We've seen a rise in these infections in Ohio and other states – some farms are just naturally more at risk than others," said vaccine developer, Gene Luther, DVM, PhD, in the release.2 "We want ranchers to protect their herds, and to do so, they need treatments that are effective. Our vaccine will always remain the best, most cost effective, protection farmers can get to fight this disease."


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