Medical World News™: Fetch speaker sings medicinal music

dvm360dvm360 November 2022
Volume 53
Issue 11
Pages: 67

Check out our Medical World News™ segments featuring faculty from the 2022 Fetch dvm360® Conference in San Diego, California, plus the latest After Hours™ episode

John Meyers, PhD

John Meyers, PhD

After Hours: Singing For Joy

On this episode of After Hours™, John Meyers, PhD, explains how singing has always been one of his secret passions. Meyers talks about how he directed his love of singing to bringing joy and music to patients with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Watch the full episode here.

Wellbeing Checkup: I-Message vs You-Message

With this installment of Wellbeing Checkup™, Carolyn Shadle, PhD, MS, discusses different ways in which veterinary professionals can take care of their mental health in and out of the workplace.

Watch the full episode here.

Inside the Practice: Inside Fear Free

On this episode of Inside the Practice™, the founder of Fear Free, Marty Becker, DVM, shares what inspired him to launch Fear Free, stories from when he was incorporating the initiative into the clinic, and what he sees for its future.

Watch the full episode here.

After Hours: Dragon Boating

On the latest episode of After Hours™, dvm360® rows through the world of dragon boating and discovers how Alison Whiter, DVM, stumbled upon an opportunity that became a passion and joy in her life.

Watch the full episode here.

To see Drs John Meyers, Carolyn Shadle, and Marty Becker, register for our Fetch dvm360® San Diego conference here. This must-attend event is coming up on December 2-4, 2022!

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