Oral Surgery 1+2, Oral Pathology, and Radiology | 3-Day RACE Accredited Series

September 1, 2016

Date: July 21 - July 23, 2017


For those ready to tackle more advanced clinical procedures, Oral Surgery 1+2 includes our Level 1 program while further building on surgical extraction technique and indications. Level 2 focuses on both oncologic surgery and its reconstruction, along with trauma evaluation and surgical repair. Participants will become proficient and proactive in their assessment of oral neoplasia and trauma from diagnosis through the therapeutic approaches for both these pathologies.


Course Title: Oral Surgery 1+2, Oral Pathology, and Radiology | 3-Day Series

Instructors: Dr. Ira Luskin Dipl. AVDC/EVDC

Dr. Mary Volker Dipl. AVDC

Dr. Sam Babbitt, DVM, Resident in Oral Surgery & Dentistry

Dr. Jason Hutt, DVM, Resident in Oral Surgery & Dentistry

Dr. Inshil Kim, DVM, Resident in Oral Surgery & Dentistry

Credits Earned: 24 RACE-APPROVED veterinary continuing education credits

Day#1 - Friday - Oral Pathology and Radiology: There will be 3.5 hours of lecture followed by a 4.5-hour laboratory. Lecture and Laboratory notes will be provided. The laboratory will be both on skulls and cadavers. The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • Origins of Oral Dental Disease Familial vs. Acquired Lesions

  • Pathology of Tooth #'s, Form & Position

  • Jaw Growth Abnormalities & Classification of Malocclusions

  • Oral Soft Tissue Acquired Abnormalities

  • Periodontal Disease, Trauma, Endodontic Disease

  • Congenital and Neoplastic Disease

The Radiology laboratory section will cover:

  • Dental radiology in your practice. Equipment / Materials

  • Indications for radiology Normal vs. Abnormal

  • Positioning for all standard views

  • Developing and ID of normal vs. abnormal structures.

Day#2-3 - Saturday & Sunday - Oral Surgery 1: Day 2: There will be 3 hours of lecture followed by a 5-hour laboratory. Day 3: 2 hours of lecture followed by 6 hours of Lab. The lecture and laboratory notes will be provided. The laboratory portion will be conducted on both cat and dog cadaver heads. They will cover the following topics for a Veterinarian audience only:

  • Indications for Exodontia

  • Retained teeth, Interceptive Ortho, Impactions, Disarming, Treatment for LPGS in cats

  • Instrumentation and Materials for Exodontia

  • Procedures for surgical extractions

  • Dealing with Complications of Surgery

  • Maxillary Oronasal Fistula Closures

  • Techniques for Muco-gingival Pedicle Flaps

  • Rostral Mandibulectomies & Maxillectomies

  • Jaw Fracture Repair


Event type: Continuing Education / Wet-Lab / Lecture

Event Address: Animal Dental Training Center7611 Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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Sponsor: Ira Luskin, Dr. med Vet, FAVD, DAVDC, DEVDC

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