Opthalmologic Surgical Procedures


Date: October 24 - October 25, 2014


Course Descrption: Through a combination of lecture, surgical demonstration and hands on surgical laboratories, this 2-day course will provide participants with the knowledge and essential surgical skills to appropriately treat a variety of common ocular conditions affecting companion animals. Each topic will be addressed in a comprehensive fashion, from disease overview, to surgical planning, to surgical procedures, to post-operative management. Day 1 will address surgical management of eyelid abnormalities, including eyelid masses, lacerations, entropion, combined entropion/ectropion and macropalpebral fissure. Day 2 will cover surgical management of corneal disease (including procedures for non-healing superficial corneal ulcers, keratectomy and conjunctival flap surgery), as well as surgical salvage procedures for the management of chronic glaucoma (including enucleation/orbital prosthesis, intrascleral prosthesis and intravitreal gentamicin injection). Magnification is helpful in performing a number of these surgeries and will be available in the form of Optivisor magnifiers. However, attendees are encouraged to bring their personal surgical loupes, where possible. Course Instructor: Ian Herring, DVM, MS, DACVO CE Hours: 16 Cost: $1400.00

Event type: Hands On Lab

Event Address: Oquendo Center

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Sponsor: Western Veterinary Conference

For More Information:Shane Wheatley,Western Veterinary Conference

866-800-7326, s.wheatley@wvc.org

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